Medical Review Board


A bold statement 'Death Panels'

In your patient bill of rights it states:

You have the right to know the name of the doctor who as primary responsibility for coordinating your care, and the identity and functions of others who are involved in providing care.

This includes the name of the doctors on the "Medical Review Board" because they are involved in your care.

Or the patients bill of rights is not worth the paper it is written on, or the screens it displays on.

The reason I know about this is because I have been before four of these Medical Review Boards that made the most stupid recommendations that even the doctors I went too had no clue why I was sent to them.  I was refused a second opinion that I wanted out side of Kaiser, instead I am sent to a doctor inside of the Kaiser network that had no association with my problems.  An example of this was a colonoscopy for a swallowing problem.  What the ....

I call the Medical Review Boards death panels because Kaiser refused to give me the doctors names.  I had to file with the state department of health to get the doctors names.  I am now awaiting the result of the filing.  Let us hope the Health Department will help a patient with the patient bill of rights.

Just received a call from the State Health Dept,  They have no jurisdiction over Kaiser...  Kaiser can have HIPAA violations and the state of CA does nothing.

Death Panels are protected by law.... according to the Health Dept. of CA.