The filing process.  I just received this email:

Dear Mr. Collins:

 If you wish to file a demand for arbitration against Kaiser, please send your demand to Kaiser's Legal Department.  I attach to this e-mail the rules for Kaiser Permanente Member Arbitrations for your information.  Depending on where you received treatment (Northern California, Southern California) you should send your demand to the corresponding legal department, see Rule 8.  Your demand should include your contact information, who the respondents are, the basis of your claim, and the damages you are seeking, see Rule 7.

 There is a $150.00 filing fee for the demand.  There are fee waiver applications available if you need them, see Rule 12.

Once Kaiser receives your demand they have 10 days to forward it to this office for administration.  You may find more information regarding this process at

 If you have other questions, please let me know or call 213.637.9847.

 Thank you,