Kaiser personnel looking at this site.  I will try to help you with this page.

Many records have just disappeared.  Everything posted on the site is as accurate as the information I have received from Kaiser.  One of the on going problems is the question:

Why when I was scheduled for a g-tube and I got pneumonia and then received a specific mixture of antibiotics  I no longer needed a g-tube and was able to open my mouth from what was measured at 10mm to 33-35 mm while on the ABx.  This is all/ actually I can say it was all well documented.  All the swallowing test, the scripts PRN, everything tested and confirmed.  Where is the preventative medicine Kaiser is doing for me?

This question has been asked for over 2 years.  We are told Kaiser has no test for this and no knowledge of how to proceed. 

I have pleaded for Kaiser to send me to an outside of network doctor that can find why this happens.  I did go to UCLA via Kaiser, but UCLA would not believe their own measurements of the opening of the mouth and only wanted Kaiser to buy a device to help me open my mouth which I did not need while I was on ABx.  UCLA did not accept their own measurements.  It was so bad we got a call from one of the doctors (and I use that word with restrain) that was yelling at my wife so loudly our house guest and I could hear him.

I got on the phone and said we do not want an "ass" as a doctor and he wrote in my file that I called him an ass.  Nope, I said I did not want an ass for a doctor, he was the person that considered himself an ass.

I have had surgery refused because I DID NOT have an infection bad enough the doctor could see it on my skin from my stomach.  WHAT, yes read that again, it is correct.

I will set up a text box so you can send me questions.  I am limited on time I can work on this site.