Image during surgery, the one of three t-tacks shown in the x-ray, the other two we are told were lost in pathology, but the tissue was escorted and watched, only one tack was removed.  The other two are "unknown".

Image During Surgery

This is the x-ray I finally saw after 13 years, less then two weeks before the surgery and I was in so much pain I went to urgent care, I was told I had gas.  I said no, not all the time in the same place, the RN brought me the x-ray and I asked what the antenna was, was it from aliens or from the NSA tracking me.  She said no those are your staples.  I told her I have no staples.  We were then told Kaiser does not tell patients about staples and other things so I was never told in any of the 13 years of x-rays of the foreign objects in my stomach.