My Story - Death Panels

Medical Review Panels or as I call them, "death panels"

My experience:

I have had three medical review panels before I understood what they were.  I now refer to them as death panels because you are never allowed to know who the doctors are that are making decisions about your treatment.  This is against the "Patients Bill of Right" both with Kaiser and the State of California.  To quote: "You have the right to know the name of the doctor who has primary responsibility for coordinating your care,  and the identity and functions of others who are involved in providing care".

I was told by the state to ask this question:  Ask the doctors if they will be making a recommendation about your care. If the answer is yes, then you have a right to know their names.  Period.  If they are not making any recommendations in your care, you have no right.

I just had to report the the state health department because on many request Kaiser refused to give me the names of the doctors making decisions about removal of additional items in my body Kaiser left.

The state medical board explained that if they are making decisions about your care or recommendations about your care, the example given to me.  If they say you need brain surgery, you have a right to know who is saying you need brain surgery and why.  Not just the person doing the brain surgery but the people making that decision.

Now the question has to be challenged, is Kaiser and the death panel doctors above the law?  Does Kaiser have the state of CA in its back pocket or does the patient bill of rights have meaning?

If you are a city government and you are looking to offer Kaiser to your employee's, remember your employee or their family member may end up in review of the "Medical Review Panel" or as I call them, the death panels.  You as a council member or mayor will get the blame for offering a service that has death panels.