Respect to Prince - being prescribed constant pain medication has it's drawbacks

This is really the story on one page.  The image below are three t-tacks, 1 mm in diameter and 13 mm long with sharp ends.  I complained for 13 years about pain in this specific area.  Imagine a vet going in to Kaiser after waiting for the VA and not getting an appointment so the Vet can then go to Kaiser,  after and IED experience complaining about pain in a specific area the items show in the X-Rays, CT's and MRI's but not noted on a single report.  Unless the doctor takes the time to read and knows how to read the image taken, the Vet will be told as I was, Mr. Collins, "there is nothing there".  The government is considering the Kaiser model for the Vets.  God hellp our Vets.  It took a high school drop out looking at one x-ray to see the problem.  Of the twenty or so doctors with PHD's, not one could figure out that the metal and 30 cm of wire like suture is what was causing my problems, stomach leakage and pain for 13 years.  Reoccurring micro infections, full body pain, unable to walk.  Year after year being told "nothing is there" only to see the three t-tacks in ALL the imaging that was done.  Is this the quality of service we want for our veterans?  Speaking as the brother and son of a vet I say profoundly "NO".  The vets were promised the best and should get the quality of the promise that was made in return for their service.

Do we want this for our vet's,  I DO NOT.  I will fight to my last breath for our Vets, with all my heart I do not believe Kaiser will do that, they will do as I have documented with so many others, give them pain medication and tell them they need to see a psychiatrist so they can learn to deal with the pain.  Learn how to accept what your doctors can not find, will not find or don't care enough to find.  Giving pain medication is easier and less expensive then surgery and less problematic for a doctors career.

This is the reason there is a prescription drug epidemic in the USA in this reporters opinion;  it is less expensive to prescribe pain killers then to perform surgery. In Honor to Prince, I can imagine he experienced what I experience.  There is nothing there, we can give you stronger pain medication or you can see a psychiatrist or a specialist in pain control.  But stop asking for help and take your pain meds, we don't want to find anything that may cost more then the pain medications, fully knowing surgery will cost more and the additional fear we may find something one of our doctors did wrong.  In this reporters opinion.

What is funny, the chief of  surgery  said 2 of the tacks were lost in pathology, the surgeon said she could not find them.  Very confusing for the patient to understand, were they found and lost or just not found.  I do not want what I have experienced for any one, I really don't want what I have experienced for the people risking their lives for our freedom.  Protecting the freedom I have to report this true to life story.