Records and how to actually get them


First thing, get a printed copy of your office visit and file it forever.  SO many of your visits may just disappear, even the electronic visits.  I know this sounds impossible, I would not believe it.  But I seem to be experiencing it. I have copies of office visits that when I requested information on events and dates they are not reported to me.  When I point that out I am told to contact records.  An endless loop of misdirection.

It took 13 months to get my records and I to date they still can not find many of them.  But what I found is that you have to request in detail what you want.  The words ALL, EVERYTHING, FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME do not work.

Step one, find out what counties you have had medical work done with in the Kaiser network.

Step two, understand that records does not mean the same thing to you, your non-Kaiser doctor and the Kaiser records department.

Step three, get the Kaiser forms.  Now this is key, the 's' on the end of the word form means more then one.  You will need a form for each TYPE of record you want.  Kaiser breaks your records down in to groups.  Reports, Films, Digital Films, Email.  Remember when you send email you are told it becomes part of your record, it is and it is important to send email early and often to document your medical condition.

So where are we,

You want to fill the forms out and request 'electronic' and for the information to be sent to you via USPS or other carrier, do not accept your records via email.  It is a waste of your time and energy. 

Do not check to many check boxes, because your request can be turned down because checked too many boxes.  I know, I experienced it.

The best process is to get the forms, call your local records department and have a representative from that department walk you through filling out the form and put their name on the request form.


Fill out a separate form for each type of records you want for each county you have had medical care.  You many fill out 6 or more forms.  One for the Reports, one for the films, one for digital and one for emails  FOR EACH COUNTY you have received medical care and specify clearly the time frame you want each type of record from.  ALL, EVERYTHING, words like that only mean the last year or two years depending on the office you are talking too.  I suggest that you request from the date you became a Kaiser member to one month after the date you are request happens.  Their two weeks can be two months.


If you are lucky, you will get your records.