Retained T-Tacks,

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GC:Same Page, ahh, if any of that has a silicone coating

Cook Medical: uhmmm It actually does, so the uhmm so the wire portion you have there so the suture is inside it has an RTV that is a silicone based glue

Presentation by George M. Collins

 one felt swoop

The other thing is the t-fasteners they will pull through the literature shows that these have not gone in, which we talked about, you didn't have the buttons.  Did they trim the sutures back?  uninteligable/ how many, 2003 do you remember them trimming it so that it would fall away

GC:  I had no outside sutures

 Chief of surgery: OKAY

JC:  Never

GC: Never

Doctor: They were never on the outside

JC: Never

GC: Correct

Chief of surgery: So that is why you have retained sutures, they can if they  if they fall in they can pass through the intestinal track but if they stay there long enough they will slowly over time grow through the abdo/ the wall of the stomach

GC: It hurts

Chief of Surgery : but they seal as they go through and then you have the metal in the picture you see here is that from the surface it goes through the (unintelligible) but they won't leak they won't lean any fluid they won't leak any gastric fluid it is very different (unintelligible)

 GC: I will disagree with that because I will respectfully disagree with you specifically because I talked with cook medical them, uhmmm,  that’s a tube , this little thing here I took, I put it up

 Chief of Surgery: nothing happens if if if it has fiber and other things in it won't be leaking (gastricsumstion )


 Chief of surgery: And there is no silicone or anything on them the metal t-tack , I checked with cook medical myself