Standard of Care

Usually means a system of care that meets or exceeds medical standards.  What I just found out about Kaiser is that standard of care means any care you get and it is Kaisers Standard.  It was just explained  to me that if Kaiser does not follow medical standards, manufacturers standards  and requirements, it is Kaisers Standard of care and that is all that counts.

In my case, standard of care I encountered means not following manufacturers instructions or requirements and leaving items in my body that do not show on x-rays for over 13 years.  That is the standard of care that Kaiser said was given to all the patients that were given g-tubes by a specific facility in Southern California.

So each day we learn new things, if all the medical community says it is not a medical standard to leave things in a persons body, Kaiser comes along and says it is "Standard of Care" for Kaiser.

Always check twice, once inside Kaiser if you are stuck there and then exercise your legal rights and get an opinion out side of Kaiser.

Google comes up with this definition:

 The “medical standard of care” is typically defined as the level and type of care that a reasonably competent and skilled health care professional, with a similar background and in the same medical community, would have provided under the circumstances that led to the alleged malpractice.

From: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

“Medical malpractice is a legal fault by a physician or surgeon. It arises from the failure of a physician to provide the quality of care required by law. When a physician undertakes to treat a patient, he takes on an obligation enforceable at law to use minimally sound medical judgment and render minimally competent care in the course of services he provides. A physician does not guarantee recovery… A competent physician is not liable per se for a mere error of judgment, mistaken diagnosis or the occurrence of an undesirable result.”


Consider providing a patient with a temporary medical device and putting it in permanent, knowingly not following the manufacturers instructions.  Making it up as you go along.  Is that "Standard of Care?"