- The Movie -

Fourteen Years of Hell

A working title as I am told is in storyboard production.  I have no control over the production, when I signed the non-disclosure I gave up production control, but it is in very good hands.  I will post the storyboard when it is done if I am allowed.  I will get a chance to review it to make sure there are no major flaws, but the day of my death at Kaiser Sunset will be a part of it, the day this all started, the day of the surgery that permanently attached items inside of my stomach that should have been a "no more then twelve days" item.  My wife being taken from the room, everything I can remember including what I experienced and how I felt when I was brought back.

Kaiser can not find any records associated with the g-tube.  Interesting we have the receipts, many receipts but Kaiser seems to have lost all the events that would be considered "bad image for Kaiser".  I don't know how that will be shown in the movie, if someone will be going in to filing and removing the records, if nothing was ever written down.  But how do you lose stays in the hospital?  How do you lose so many records?  How do you lose the records of removing the g-tube.  So many things are missing.  It can not all be by accident!